My Mission Quest Overview

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My Mission Quest is an invitation to make a prayerful commitment and 5 devotionals to inspire you on your way.

You’ll have the option to prayerfully make the commitment at the start of the journey or you can complete it once you’ve read the 5 devotionals.

There are over 3 billion people in the world today who have not yet heard of this Good News. Each of these people are connected to someone – some of them may be connected to you.

“Wait, how do I start? What should I say?” We all have these questions. It can seem so overwhelming unless we understand Jesus’ approach.

It’s always been God’s design that we work together for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. The challenge is that you and I are human; we are frail and sinful.

There will never be one experience, one approach or one app that can be used for everyone. A generic message has the potential of being impersonal and a cause for cultural and relational friction.

When grain is in peak condition for gathering, it turns white. What does the “field” that Jesus talked about look like?

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity, would you consider making this prayerful commitment?


You’ve completed We are so grateful to journey together on this great adventure.