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To quote the inimitable philosopher Bob Dylan, “Times, they are a-changin’.” This is true regardless of what culture or country you call home.


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In John 4:35, Jesus told his disciples to open their eyes and look at the fields that are “white”, ready for harvest.   When grain is in peak condition for gathering, it turns white. A ripe grainfield looks like a sea of white.

Jesus wanted His disciples to understand that the opportunity for His mission was urgent and right at hand.


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In 1792, for William Carey, the invention of a tiny tool called the “mariner’s compass” was a game changer. It opened up a way for the Gospel to be carried to people across the ocean. With a sense of urgency, he wrote a short book called “The Enquiry” and because of it many people set sail to share the Gospel with people on the Coastlands.


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In 1865, David Livingstone saw the paths that the slave traders were using in Africa and he said “Can the love of Christ not carry the missionary where the slave-trade carries the trader? I shall open up a path to the interior or perish.”


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Hudson Taylor said, “If I had a thousand lives, China should have them. No! Not China, but Christ. Can we do too much for Him?” Led by such courageous examples, many people carried the gospel to people who lived inland.


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Fast forward to today. What does the “field” that Jesus talked about look like? Where are the people that need to hear about Jesus?


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- Mission mobilizer, D. Ray Davis

“Relational or social connectivity is the present-day equivalent of the compass; it has opened up the world to every disciple. Social networking rules the day, and limitless capabilities are now within reach.”

By using the connectivity technology provides, you have a unique opportunity to participate in the Great Commission.


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Look carefully at where God has placed you. Who do you interact with as a part of your daily life - online and offline?


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These relationships, this connectedness is significant. You can help the people you know discover Jesus.


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